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SkyLive is a service for remote control of telescopes. (more...)

Immagine casuale
Random photo taken by our telescopes
On left the weather forecast where our telescopes were installed. One at Catania (South of Italy) and the second (the UAI telescope) at Viverone (North of Italy).

Here some links to have more details:

» Detailed weather forecast in next seven days

» Satellite image of Italy

» Infrared satellite image of Italy

» About » Wheater
Lastest news   (vai all'archivio)
23 April 2010 - Telescope 1 online again and subscribe reactivated
Was reactivated in a definitive way the telescope 1 for all users
28 March 2010 - Telescope 1 Activation Tests
This evening has been successfully carried out Telescope 1 Activation tests in its new location
18 March 2010 - Activated SkyVirtual, our telescope simulator
Is active in the experimental phase SkyVirtual, the service that allows the simulation of the use of web our telescopes using more than 100,000 images in our database
10 March 2010 - Transfer of Italian telescopes
Case transfer to new locations, temporarily telescopes Italians are no longer active