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Skylive associated with, in addition to features already in place for registered users (Guest), you will be able to:

• Manage all our remote telescopes (located in ITALY and AUSTRALIA), in shared mode (turn of 15-20 minutes per user).

• Make photos with real telescopes (2 located in Italy and 2 located in Australia) using varius filters and the options available in our Skylive clients (Skylive NG, new Skylive WEB, etc..).

The cost of membership dues shall be divided in the following table*:
12 months 170 €
6 months 90 €
3 months 50 €
1 month 20 €
* New membeship fees for 2011, which include all the telescopes of the Skylive network

Is it also possible to book EXCLUSIVE USE of telescope time at extra cost of 6 euros/hour. In this case use the PAYPAL Donation in the home-page and ask by email in advance to reserver time.
The ECLUSIVE MODE permit to have the telescope reserved for one or more hours only for the user that booked it.

If desired, you may make a small donation.

Attention: the association and the remote control of telescopes will be activated within 24 hours from transaction.

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