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SkyVirtual - Telescope Simulator


Keep in mind that the service is experimental and simulating only the use of our telescopes using the images and thumbnails in our archive of photos, no real point is made and no picture is taken really, but only taken from those already present at random, according to the settings chosen.



Current object
Photo settings


How works:

To use our SkyVirtual, the telescope simulator, you must:
  1. Choose the telescope to use
  2. Click the object to point (will be proposed only objects actually pointed by the telescope selected)
  3. Click on the GOTO button to watch the live (continue clicking the system will display a live always got a different case relating to that object)
  4. Set the exposure (to be brought forward only the values of exposure for which the object was photographed by the telescope selected)
  5. Choose the filter (the filter will be proposed only in the chosen telescope and have been used in exposure-based choice)
  6. Click on MAKE PHOTO
  7. Click DOWNLOAD PHOTO to obtain the FIT
The system simulates the live and the photograph by choosing randomly from our archive of over 100,000 images, it can happen that some of them are too old and have no preview or the image is coming evil, in this case, just click again on the GOTO button until you see a live that seems pleasant or MAKE PHOTO until you download a photo that satisfies us. If even that's right, try changing the object to point.
SkyVirtual service is experimental, will be improved over time while trying to clean up the archive of photos removing wrong pictures.
SkyVirtual v0.2 (build1803100730) - by Antonino S. Cutri' (jarod)

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